Personal note - jobs section

I got a lot of feedback on my question from last week on whether I should add a jobs section, and all of it was positive. Thanks for that!
There aren't many companies yet though who want to actually post jobs, and we can't have demand without supply. So if you want to share security-related positions with a wide range of interested people, let me know!

Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

  • Half of the Bulgarian data that was reported stolen last week is now in the open. It was shared with reporters and password protected, but was leaked to hacker forums and cracked: link.
  • Sytech, a contractor for the Russian Intelligence service, was hacked. Information on various intelligence work was leaked, like Tor deanonymization, social media monitoring, and much more : link.
  • The Robinhood trading app disclosed that passwords were being logged in plaintext. They aren't resetting passwords themselves, but are asking users to do so: link.
  • The London Metropolitan Police had their Twitter account hijacked: link.
  • iNSYNQ, a Quickbooks Cloud hosting firm, fell victim to a ransomware attack: link.
Dieter Van der Stock