Personal note

Hey everyone,

I've done a lot of thinking recently, and I've realised that I'm not sure if I want to continue writing the newsletter.

Part of my pondering is on focus. I love my job at Articulate, it's such a great place to be :-) It would make sense to fully concentrate on my work there.

Another part is that I really don't like the process of finding new sponsors. Yet to make it worth the effort at all I do need their support.
I've thought about alternatives, like a $5/month subscription model, but I haven't seen that work in many places?

Anyway, to give myself time to think about all this, and to feel what it's like for me when I don't write the newsletter, I'm taking a break for about a month.

As always, feedback is welcome. But most of all my apologies for the lack of content over the next few weeks.

Best regards!


Dieter Van der Stock