Hey everyone,

After thinking it through over the last month, I've decided to stop writing the newsletter. Writing each issue takes a lot of time and focus, and right now I want to spend those resources elsewhere.

It's been a great ride though! Three years running, and currently over 6000 subscribers. I have to admit I'm proud of that :-)

Some practical things:

  • Your e-mails will never be shared with anyone, and the newsletter will not be sold to anyone.
  • If I ever decide to restart the newsletter, I'll send you a notice. If you don't want that, please unsubscribe now.
  • I'll link some other security newsletters and good security news sites down below for you to try out.

It's been an absolute pleasure and an honour to have you all as subscribers. Thank you!

Kind regards,


Other newsletters

News sites

These are the sites I used most often to piece together the newsletter.

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