Did you miss me? :-)

Hello again!

In case you don't remember: you used to be subscribed to this newsletter that sent you infosec news every week. I shut it down about 10 months ago, but have decided to start it up again.

While it was nice not having the pressure of curating for almost a year, I learned a simple truth: I don't keep up with security news very well if I don't have to summerise it for thousands of people. Go figure :D

I'm not going to be too hard on myself though, last time I got a bit burned out. The current plan is to write when I feel comfortable, maybe have a minimal edition a bit more often (the ones where I just share links, not summerize). And I'll send on Monday or Tuesday now, which works better for me than Friday's.

No promises on how it all works out, but I'm eager to get going. I hope you'll enjoy each issue!



Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

That's one thing that's different from my last issue: the sheer number of ransomware infections, goodness. There's too many to list all of them, so here's a sample of infected organisations this week:

Quite a few of these had their data leaked too, as part of the ransom extortion.

Some other breaches or leaks:

  • Service NSW, an Australian governement agency, had 738GB of data stolen, affecting 186.000 customers: link.
  • Crypto exchange Eterbase had $5.4 million stolen: link.
  • The Digital Point webmaster forum had an unsecured Elasticsearch instance with 800.000 users in it: link.
Dieter Van der Stock