Personal note - minimal edition

Hi everyone,

Last week was a bit short on time and energy, so I'm sticking to my promise (to myself) of not fretting about the newsletter too much during those weeks :-) So here's a minimal edition where I select the articles that seem the most interesting, just without any summaries.

I hope y'all still enjoy it!


Breaches and leaks

Ransomware. Ransomware everywhere.

  • UHS hospitals hit by reported country-wide Ryuk ransomware attack: link.
  • New Jersey hospital paid ransomware gang $670K to prevent data leak: link.
  • Hackers leak files stolen in Pakistan's K-Electric ransomware attack: link.
  • Ransomware hits US-based Arthur J. Gallagher insurance giant: link.
  • Nevada school district refuses to submit to ransomware blackmail, hacker publishes student data: link.
  • All four of the world's largest shipping companies have now been hit by cyber-attacks: link.

Ow, and one non-ransomware story. Jeej?

  • Online avatar service Gravatar allows mass collection of user info; link.