Breaches and leaks

Let's start with the ransomware again, shall we?

  • Largest cruise line operator Carnival confirms ransomware data theft: link.
  • Software AG IT giant hit with $23 million ransom by Clop ransomware: link.
  • Massachusetts school district shut down by ransomware attack: link.
  • The United Nations International Maritime Organization was breached with what sounds like ransomware but isn't clear: link.


  • Children and parent info exposed in Georgia DHS data breach: link.
  • US mobile operator Boom had credit skimming malware injected on their website: link.
  • Waze leaked data from other drivers: link.
  • Sam's Club customer accounts hacked in credential stuffing attacks: link.
  • Document-signing service Docsketch discloses security breach: link.
Dieter Van der Stock