Happy newyear everyone!

Since 2020 saw the birth of our second daughter I can't call it a crappy year at all. But apart from that, well, let's just all wish that whatever comes is better than whatever came before :-) Onwards and upwards!

Full issue today, I hope you enjoy it. And a big thank you to Julian for sponsoring this issue!

Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

  • Vietnam targeted in complex supply chain attack. Malware was introduced in software that citizens use to sign official documents: link.
  • Microsoft's unreleased Windows Core Polaris OS leaks online: link.
  • Data breach broker selling user records stolen from 26 companies: link.
  • T-Mobile data breach exposed phone numbers and call records of around 200.000 customers: link.
  • Emotet malware hits Lithuania's National Public Health Center: link.
  • Home appliance giant Whirlpool hit in Nefilim ransomware attack: link.
  • Voyager cryptocurrency broker halted trading due to cyberattack: link.
  • Kawasaki discloses security breach, potential data leak: link.
  • Finland says hackers accessed MPs' emails accounts: link.
Dieter Van der Stock

Solarwinds continued

  • Microsoft says that the Solarwind hackers gained read-only access to source code of theirs, although they don't say for what software: link.
  • Great essay by Bruce Schneier on the Solarwind attacks, and how it shows that we need to adopt a defense-dominant cybersecurity strategy, instead of focusing on the offensive: link.
Dieter Van der Stock