Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well, keeping healthy and sane.

We're going into our fifth week of school lockdown, being at home full time with a baby and a four-year old. I'm not sure if that means I'm really busy and happy with the family time, or truly desperate to spend some time alone in front of a computer. I think they even out, so here's a regular issue ;-)

Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

  • Researcher scraped and archived public Parler posts before take down by AWS: link.
  • Ubiquiti warns to change password and enable 2fa: link.
  • Mimecast discloses Microsoft 365 SSL certificate compromise: link.
  • Hackers alter stolen regulatory data to sow mistrust in COVID-19 vaccine: link.
  • Leaked location data shows another Muslim prayer app tracking users: link.
  • Scotland environmental regulator hit by ‘ongoing’ ransomware attack: link.
  • Impact of data breach at CapCom widens: link.
  • Internet-connected chastity belts hacked for ransom. Because facepalming is fun. link.
Dieter Van der Stock

Solarwinds continued

Let's not forget that this is still a thing, although reporting on it is teetering off.

  • Third malware strain discovered in SolarWinds supply chain attack: link.
  • Russia-linked postcard was “sent to FireEye’s CEO after cybersecurity firm uncovered hack”: link.
  • SolarWinds: What hit us could hit others: link.
  • SolarLeaks site claims to sell data stolen in SolarWinds attacks: link.
Dieter Van der Stock