Hi everyone,

It's been a pretty intense week for me, and next week will probably be too, so I'm a bit more succint in my summaries than usual and sending it out a bit earlier to get a head start :) Enjoy!


Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

  • SitePoint discloses data breach after stolen info used in attacks: link.
  • Eletrobras and Copel energy companies hit by ransomware attacks: link.
  • Security firm Stormshield discloses data breach, theft of source code: link.
  • Oxfam Australia investigates data breach after database sold online: link.
  • Trucking company Forward Air said its ransomware incident cost it $7.5 million: link.
  • Female escort review site data breach affects 470,000 members: link.
  • Data breach exposes 1.6 million Washington unemployment claims: link.
  • Hacked road sign talks back after driver complains to council: link. (I know it's irresponsible but I admit to having a soft spot for road sign pranks.)
Dieter Van der Stock

Solarwinds continued

  • Next to Russia it seems that China was already exploiting Solarwinds: link.
  • More critical vulnerabilities have been found in Solarwinds Orion: link.
Dieter Van der Stock