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I hope you all had a great week. This is a pretty packed issue, again. Honestly, when I started the newsletter years ago I feared that I wouldn't have enough content to fill out an issue each week. Now it's all about finding a balance between keeping things somewhat brief but not miss anything interesting. Please let me know if I'm not striking that balance properly. In the meanwhile, I hope you get value out of this one.



Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

  • Far-right website Gab hacked, 70GB of data leaked: link.
  • Cybersecurity firm Qualys is the latest victim of Accellion hacks: link.
  • Oxfam Australia supporters embroiled in new data breach: link.
  • European e-ticketing platform Ticketcounter extorted in data breach: link.
  • Universal Health Services lost $67 million due to Ryuk ransomware attack: link.
  • SITA data breach affects millions of travelers from major airlines: link.
  • Cyberattack shuts down online learning at 15 UK schools: link.
  • Three top Russian cybercrime forums hacked: link.
Dieter Van der Stock