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Good news: the breach section only has five stories!
The bad news: it's probably because everyone is busy hacking Exchange servers.
But hey, didn't it feel nice to read the words "good news" for once?

Not becoming cynical in this business is an ongoing struggle :D Either way, I hope you enjoy this issue!



Dieter Van der Stock

Exchange hacks continued

As you would expect, this issue is going to be mostly about Exchange. Here goes:

The urgent bits:

  • Microsoft Exchange exploits now used by cryptomining malware: link.
  • Also being used by ransomware: link.
  • There is a PoC exploit available: link.
  • Other state-sponsored hacking groups are joining in the frenzy: link.
  • Exchange attacks are quoted as "doubling every two hours": link.
  • Microsoft has issued patches for older, no longer supported versions of Exchange: link.

Some known breaches so far:

  • European Banking Authority discloses Exchange server hack: link.
  • Norway parliament data stolen in Microsoft Exchange attack: link.

And some good general information to get up to speed:

  • A nice overview article on what we know so far : link.
  • A great timeline from Krebs on the whole thing: link.
Dieter Van der Stock

Other breaches and leaks

  • Researchers hacked Indian govt sites via exposed git and env files: link.
  • Ryuk ransomware hits 700 Spanish government labor agency offices: link.
  • Hackers access surveillance cameras at Tesla, Cloudflare, banks, more, through super-admin account: link.
  • Molson Coors brewing operations disrupted by cyberattack: link.
  • Flagstar Bank customer data breached through Accellion hack: link.
Dieter Van der Stock