Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Mine was a bit rough, all four of us got sick and it's not all over yet. So I'm going to take it easy today and make this a minimal issue, where I include the articles that seem interesting but without the summaries.

I am however truly excited to welcome a new sponsor, Uptycs. They're a security product used for intrusion detection, forensics, and more, based on SQL. I use them every day at work and I absolutely love them. Thanks Uptycs!

Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

  • Ubiquiti breach might have been far worse than they said: link.
  • Cyber attack forces live TV shows off-air on Australia’s Channel 9: link.
  • Indian payments firm MobiKwik says it is probing date breach claims: link.
  • Dutch privacy watchdog fines €475K for not disclosing breach in time: link.

At the time that I'm sending this the news site, which I link to quite a lot, seems to be having issues. Just a head's up in case some articles don't load, including these breach items:

  • Brown University hit by cyberattack: link.
  • Malware attack is preventing car inspections in eight US states: link.
  • Capital One notifies more clients SSN's exposed in 2019 breach: link.
  • 800 Gbps DDoS extortion attack hits gambling company: link.
Dieter Van der Stock