Every week one or two companies sponsor the newsletter. 
If you're interested in being one of them, please let me know at dieter@securitynewsletter.co.  

The numbers

(as of September 2018. Percentages averaged over the last quarter)

  • Subscriber count: 2500+ (plus an estimated 300 RSS subscribers, according to Squarespace)

  • Open rate: 48.8%

  • Click rate: 16.7%

  • Demographics: 46.3% United States, 6.9% United Kingdom, 4.6% Germany, 3.9% Belgium.

Please note that I won't provide any data on a per-reader level. Protecting my readers' privacy is extremely important to me.


Your sponsorship message will have the same format as a news item:

  • title

  • link

  • summary

It will be placed at the end of the newsletter (where, ironically, the most clicks are made).


Slot 1: taken until 2019-07-19.
Slot 2: taken until 2018-12-07.

Even if both slots are taken you can always let me know of your interest to sponsor. I'll reach out to you when a slot becomes available.

Questions & interest

If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring, please contact me at dieter@securitynewsletter.co.