Breaches and leaks

  • SBI: India's biggest bank had an unsecured database showing detailed financial information of millions of customers.
  • Rubrik: a large data security company had, ironically, an unsecured Elasticsearch instance with customer information.
  • Huddle House: US-based restaurant chain, had its POS system compromised and credit card data leaked.
  • Houzz: interior decoration website, had user data including hashed passwords leaked.
  • Jack'd: dating app, exposes all of its users' private pictures.
  • Visma: large Norwegian-based cloud provider, suffered a large hack back in August of last year, reportedly by the Chinese backed APT10.
  • There are now a total of 5 large Collection data dumps available, with a total of over 900GB of records. It's unclear right now how much of these are new, they are still being analysed: link
  • A data dump of 175GB containing documents belonging to the Russian governement has been published online: link
  • Australian governement: had a "security incident" affecting everyone with a Parliament House email address. Not a lot of details available.
  • Eskom: largest energy supplier in South Africa, was breached both through a malware infection and an unsecured server.
  • An employee at a Chinese bank found a loophole in their ATM system that allowed him to withdraw about $1 million over the course of a year: link
  • Basecamp: More of a positive story really, which is refreshing. They defended succesfully against a credential stuffing attack by blocking IP's and enabling CAPTCHA's. They then reset the passwords of the 124 account that were breached.
Dieter Van der Stock

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