Personal note

Bringing online last week went great. It got lot's of positive feedback, requests for more features, and I even got to meet the great people at Polyverse who wanted to know how they could help to keep it alive.

Having a newsletter audience really helps in letting the world know about a thing you made, so thank you all for reading and sharing, you beautiful people <3.

Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

  • Aerogrow: US-based seller of indoor gardening systems. Had its checkout page infected with creditcard stealing malware for several months.
  • Hoya: a Japanese manufacturing company had a factory in Thailand shut down for several days because of a malware infection.
  • Ticketmaster: not a new breach, but they are being sued for £5 million for having been infected with credit-card stealing malware.
  • Yahoo: made another settlement offer, this time for $117 million, to try and make the case on its massive data breaches go away.
Dieter Van der Stock

Router problems

There seems to be an uptick in router-related security news this week. It can be tl;dr'd as "please update your router frequently". But you'll want to pay specific attention if you run these D-Link, TP-Link, another TP-Link or Verizon routers.

Dieter Van der Stock