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\o/ This was a huge milestone for me. I’m over the moon on this, and also quite proud if i'm honest. Thank you for reading this newsletter, and for your kindness when sharing feedback. I hope to provide this service to you for a long long time.

Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

  • Citycomp: provides internet infrastructure to large brands like Airbus, Volkswagen, Oracle and others. The attackers claim to have over 500GB of financial and private data, and are asking CityComp for a ransom.
  • Binance: the crypto exchange was breached, and attackers got away with over $40 million in Bitcoins.
  • Freedom Mobile: large Canadian telco provider, had an unsecured database containing personal information, credit card numbers and subscription details of (their estimate) 15.000 customers.
  • PrismWeb: e-commerce software was hijacked by Magecart credit card stealing malware, impacting over 200 college campus stores.
  • BurgerKing: had an unsecured Elasticsearch containing personal information of 37.000 customers of their Kool King Shop product, an online shop tailored to be used by kids.
Dieter Van der Stock