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If you're wondering why you are getting this: you previously subscribed to this newsletter, and I paused it back in 2021 to gain a bit more time and focus.

Since then my two girls have grown a little older, we completed a house move, and I missed writing this newsletter too much so I want to start it up again. As before, I don't make any promises on frequency and duration, but the aim is to have one of these in your inboxes every Friday.

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Breaches and leaks

I did not miss this section though. But here we go:

  • Healthcare provider ILS had a data breach affecting 4.2 million people: link.
  • A ransomware gang claims to have breached Ring, the camera company owned by Amazon. Ring themselves say that it was a third party that was breached. link.
  • Essendant, a distributer of office products, fell victim to LockBit ransomware: link.
  • DeFi platform Euler Finance was hacked for $197 million worth of cryptocurrency: link.
  • Cloud security firm Rubrik disclosed that it was breached using the GoAnywhere zeroday vulnerability: link.
  • A ransomware group claims to have hacked Marshall, the amp manufacturing company. No details are confirmed yet. link.
Dieter Van der Stock