Welcome to the 200th issue of this little newsletter!

Oof, I have a hard time believing it's been that many. I went back to look when the first issue was sent, turns out it was December 2nd, 2016. More than six years ago, with two long breaks in between.

If you're curious, you can still read that first issue here. Nice to see that the format hasn't changed much, only now I babble a bit before getting to the news ^^

Thank you all for reading what I write, and thank you for the wonderful messages of support and feedback that I've received over the years.

Have a wonderful day!

Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

  • MCNA, a US government-sponsored provider of dental healthcare, had a ransomware breach impacting 9 million clients: link.
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, a Massachusetts-based non-profit health services provider, disclosed a ransomware breach impacting 2.5 million clients: link.
  • ABB confirms it was hit by ransomware: link.
  • The city of Augusta, Georgia was breached: link.
  • Toyota reported that they found another data leak: link.
  • Several crypto related Discord communities were hacked through a malicious bookmarklet acting as a verification step: link.
  • SuperVPN had a database with 360 million records exposed: link.
  • RaidForums, a notorious hacking and data leak forum, had a database of its own leaked. Always interesting when that happens: link.
Dieter Van der Stock