Hi folks,

I hope you're all doing well, and are having a productive Friday. I have some more studying to do today, which I actually look forward to (as opposed to my college days ^^). And then off to a rather quiet weekend. I hope the same for you!


Dieter Van der Stock

Quick links

  • Cybercriminals pose as "helpful" Stack Overflow users to push malware: link.
  • Phones of journalists and activists in Europe targeted with Pegasus: link.
  • House Republican sounds the alarm on threats to food and agriculture sector: link.
  • Negotiations over new NATO cyber center still ongoing weeks from planned launch: link.
  • Researchers crack 11-year-old password, recover $3 million in bitcoin: link.

Breaches and leaks

  • Data of 560 million Ticketmaster customers for sale after alleged breach: link.
  • Cencora data breach exposes US patient info from 11 drug companies: link.
  • Sav-Rx discloses data breach impacting 2.8 million Americans: link.
  • Christie’s confirms breach after RansomHub threatens to leak data: link.
  • First American December data breach impacts 44,000 people: link.
  • BBC suffers data breach impacting current, former employees: link.
  • Cooler Master confirms customer info stolen in data breach: link.
  • Everbridge warns of corporate systems breach exposing business data: link.
  • Ransomware attack on Seattle Public Library knocks out online systems: link.
  • Major Russian delivery company down for three days due to cyberattack: link.

Issues and fixes

  • Okta warns of credential stuffing attacks targeting its CORS feature: link.
  • Check Point releases emergency fix for VPN zero-day exploited in attacks: link.
  • Google fixes eighth actively exploited Chrome zero-day this year: link.
  • TP-Link fixes critical RCE bug in popular C5400X gaming router: link.
  • Exploit released for maximum severity Fortinet RCE bug, patch now: link.