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Dieter Van der Stock

Quick links

  • Microsoft: New Outlook security changes coming to personal accounts: link.
  • Proton is taking its privacy-first apps to a nonprofit foundation model: link.
  • G7 countries vow to establish collective cybersecurity framework for operational tech: link.
  • US and Indonesia hold port-focused cybersecurity exercise: link.
  • US federal contractors pay multimillion-dollar settlements over cybersecurity lapses: link.

Breaches and leaks

  • CDK Global cyberattack impacts thousands of US car dealerships: link.
  • CDK Global hacked again while recovering from first cyberattack: link.
  • Scathing report on Medibank cyberattack highlights unenforced MFA: link.
  • Panera Bread likely paid a ransom in March ransomware attack: link.
  • "Researchers" exploit Kraken exchange bug, steal $3 million in crypto: link.
  • Advance Auto Parts confirms data breach exposed employee information: link.
  • Crown Equipment confirms a cyberattack disrupted manufacturing: link.
  • More than 12,000 Santander employees in US affected by Snowflake breach: link.
  • More than 400,000 have data leaked in cyberattack on Texas education organization: link.
  • Blackbaud must pay $6.75 million, improve security after lying about scope of 2020 hack: link.

Issues and fixes

  • ASUS warns of critical remote authentication bypass on 7 routers: link.
  • VMware fixes critical vCenter RCE vulnerability, patch now: link.
  • SolarWinds Serv-U path traversal flaw actively exploited in attacks: link.
  • High-severity vulnerabilities affect a wide range of Asus router models: link.