Update all the things

I'll try and group noteworthy updates, there are quite a few this week:

  • A high-level vulnerability was found in Chrome's V8 Javascript engine. Google recommends you urgently update to the latest version if you haven't yet: link
  • Apple released iOS 11.1 and updates for other platforms, which include fixes for the KRACK vulnerability: link
  • A critical fix has been released for Wordpress. If you're not on 4.8.3 yet you're urged to update fast: link
  • Oracle released an emergency update for a very critical flaw in Identity Manager, allowing an attacker to take it over remotely without authentication: link
  • Apache OpenOffice patches four flaws, three of which allow for remote code execution: link
Dieter Van der Stock

Personal note: crossed the 1000 subscribers threshold \o/

Less then one year into this we're at 1,248 subscribers at the time of writing, which is awesome :-)
I hope you continue to get value from the newsletter. If you have any feedback, just hit reply and let me know. Thanks!

Dieter Van der Stock