All kinds of security issues fixed

It's been a busy week it seems. I could write a full issue on these items alone, but I figured I'd sum them up here as to leave room for some other stuff too.

  • A serious vulnerability was fixed in Firefox, allowing for a malicious website to run code on your device at will. Make sure to update. link
  • Cisco released a patch for a VPN component of theirs, rated dangerous enough to get a 10/10 severity score. link
  • Lenovo issued a fix for its fingerprint readers on Windows 7 and 8, which was weakly encrypted and has a hardcoded password. link
  • Several issues were fixed in Zoho's ManageEngine, an IT helpdesk Saas. link
  • A critical patch is issued for Oracle's POS system Micros, used by 300,000 companies. link
Dieter Van der Stock