Several Google related security improvements

Google has been busy, so I'm grouping it all here:

  • Gsuite admins can now set how long a session can stay active before having to authenticate, and determine if a user has to redo his 2fa at every login or not: link
  • They announced several new security features for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Among which a 'cloud security command center', new audit capabilities, a data-loss prevention API and more: link
  • The above announcement also included 'Google Cloud Armor', providing protection against DOS and web app attacks. The product page is here, an explanation blogpost here and a Hackernews discussion (mostly on how it compares to Cloudflare) here.
  • Gsuite will block 'uncertified' Android devices from accessing Gsuite during setup, although custom roms will still have access by registering their device: link
Dieter Van der Stock