Personal project - Gsuite security

I found that it's flippin hard to know what's going on security-wise inside a Gsuite account. To make this easier, I started writing an application that runs security and audit reports for me.

I'm making this into a product for others to use. If you've had the same problem trying to manage your Gsuite security, let me know and I'll keep you informed :-)

Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

Plenty of breaches and data leaks this week, so it's list-time.

  • Electronics retailer Dixons Carphone had 5.9 million credit card numbers stolen and 1.2 million user records leaked. Fortunately almost all credit cards use chips and pin's. It's the second breach in three years though, they were just fined £400k for their last breach: link
  • WeightWatchers had an unsecured Kubernetes cluster, giving access to AWS keys and s3 buckets. No customer data is thought to have leaked though: link
  • HR company PageUp had a malware infection, causing a cascade of companies (their customers, mostly Australian) sending out a breach notification: link
  • The French data protection authority issued a 250.000 Euro fine to a hearing-aid company that was found to have a significant data leak two years ago: link
  • The Trick botnet had an unsecured C&C server, leaking 43 million e-mail addresses. Don't you just hate it when bad guys don't get security right: link
Dieter Van der Stock

Update all the things \o/

Some updates I came across:

  • Microsoft had its Patch Tuesday, fixing 51 vulnerabilities including 11 critical. One allowed for taking over a system just by sending a malformed DNS request :-/ link
  • Flash issued an emergency patch for a Flash zero-day that's being actively exploited: link
  • VMWare fixed a remote code execution flaw in VMware AirWatch Agent for Android and Windows Mobile: link
  • IP camera manufacturer Foscam issued patches for a set of vulnerabilities with which you can take over any camera of theirs: link
  • F-Secure patched a serious vulnerability where a device could be taken over through a malicious zip archive. It was disclosed through their bug bounty program: link
Dieter Van der Stock