Breaches and leaks

  • Apollo: analytics service, leaked aggregated data on 200 million people and 10 million companies. The leak also included data "of opportunity" that Apollo's customers uploaded and linked, originating from Salesforce and similar services.
  • Google+: 500.000 user profiles leaked information to third parties that they shouldn't have.
  • Burgerville: credit cards were stolen by the Fin7 Group, it's uncertain how many customers are affected.
  • Navionics: an Italian navigation company, recently acquired by Garmin, exposed a 19GB product and customer database in an open MongoDB instance.
Dieter Van der Stock

Update all the things \o/

  • Git fixed a remote code execution vulnerability in Git client, Github desktop and Atom.
  • Microsoft patched 50 vulnerabilities, 12 of them being marked as critical.
  • Adobe fixed 11 vulnerabilities, two being critical. None for Flash, surprisingly.
  • Apple fixed two passcode bypasses in iOS 12.0.1, and several critical vulnerabilities in iCloud for Windows.
Dieter Van der Stock