Hey everyone!

There was less news volume this week than usual. Possibly related to the long weekend that our US-based friends are enjoying. It's a nice change :-) Still, plenty of things I felt were worthy of sharing. Enjoy!

Dieter Van der Stock

Breaches and leaks

  • IoT vendor Orbivo exposes unsecured Elasticsearch database, with over 2 billion logs and md5-hashed passwords: link.
  • Data management firm Attunity had several unsecured s3 buckets, exposing information of several Fortune 100 companies like Ford and Netflix: link.
  • A medical insurance marketing website exposed an unsecured MongoDB instance with over 5 million records: link.

  • Not a new breach, but related to one: Dating app Jack'd got fined $240.000 for leaving users' private pictures publicly exposed for a full year after being told about it: link.

Dieter Van der Stock